Who We Are:


Dennise and Scott Francis, Owners JF Express Fr8 and Josh Francis, HotShot owner:operatorJF Express Fr8 LLC is a woman-owned, family-run trucking company based in Marysville, OH.  

It was founded in 2010 by Scott and Dennise Francis and their son, Josh Francis.  Scott, a US Army Veteran, owned a successful construction company until the housing bubble swept across the country, and Dennise was working as a healthcare consultant and an office manager/bookkeeper for five group homes. Josh was also working in the construction industry.  

Needing to replace Scott’s income, they called upon the experience of Scott’s family (specifically his parents) who had been in the transportation industry for over 40 years and applied for motor carrier authority.   Scott began running the day-to-day operations (logistics, dispatching, mediation), Dennise handled the back-office operations (invoicing, audits, settlements, driver files, bookkeeping), and Josh obtained CDL-certification and became a driver and a dispatcher. 

Over the years JF Express Fr8 has grown from one HotShot rig and driver to multiple HotShot rigs and drivers, and two Semis delivering millions of dollars of freight  across the United States each year.

JF Express Fr8 has always specialized in HotShot trucking, but with more knowledge and experience we have changed our thinking over the years.  When we started out we recruited only owner/operators that were “non-CDL.”   This allowed us to get our feet wet and learn the ins and outs of trucking.  We now focus mainly on recruiting owner/operators who are CDL-A certified drivers with equipment over 26,000 lbs.   Even after 10+ years in business, we are still learning.  We are always adapting and evolving to comply with the ever-changing regulations and technology.

Just as regulations and technology change, so does freight.  It could change month to month or season to season.  We make it a  high priority to keep our drivers in the best freight lanes possible.  We don’t believe in putting just “any load” on our trucks.   We always keep our individual drivers’ goals in mind, so all loads and routes are carefully thought-out and scheduled.

We believe in fighting for our drivers.  When loading or unloading is delayed, it’s the driver who loses, so we never hesitate to ask for detention or layover compensation.  After seeing that  drivers were often getting the short end of the stick where rates were concerned, we applied for, and now operate, a brokerage that allows us to cut out the middle man and give our drivers the best rates possible.

Our HotShots are all owner/operators with 1-ton or better trucks (dually or regular) with 30-40’ gooseneck trailers.  We have expanded our fleet and now also own two Freightliner Cascadias with 53’ step-deck trailers.  Staying in the best freight lanes, we operate throughout the continental US but most of our freight is in the midwest and east.  

Although the transportation industry can be stressful and frustrating and the hours are long, we love what we do and are grateful that we can do it together.  JF Express Fr8 hopes to be around for many years to come because we have a LOT of “miles” left in us. 


Our Mission at JF Express Fr8


At JF Express Fr8, our mission is to provide safe, timely transportation of goods, nationwide.

JF Express Fr8, LLC is a woman-owned, family-run trucking company based in Marysville, OH.  Our core values are to operate with honesty and integrity, and to respect others and the goods they entrust us with transporting.

There are a lot of nationwide hotshot trucking companies and we believe our core values are what sets this successful, woman-owned, family-run hotshot trucking company apart from all the rest.

If you are a HotShot owner/operator looking for a career opportunity with JF Express Fr8, check out our HotShot trucking jobs page to learn more.

If you are looking for a HotShot trucking company to safely transport your goods in a timely manner, look no further than JF Express Fr8.  Contact us, today!