Thank you for your interest in JF Express Fr8! We currently have the following career opportunities available:


Career Opportunities for Owner/Operators


We are currently accepting applications for owner/operators looking for HotShot jobs. In order to lease on with our company, all owner/operators must meet the following criteria (at a minimum):

* Equipment (truck and trailer)

* Must be at least 24 years old with at least 2 years of driving experience.

* Current DOT physical

* Current CDL-A, certified for interstate travel

* Clean driving record

* Clean DOT drug test

* Willingness to run in different freight lanes (not regional work)

We specialize in HotShots, but we’ll consider other types of equipment.  Although we are based in Ohio, owner/operators do not have to live in Ohio to lease with us.  We typically run in the best freight lanes throughout the Eastern, Southern, and Midwestern US.

Profitable Venture lists JF Express Fr8 as number four on the top eleven nationwide HotShot companies to lease on with.



Career Opportunities for Dispatchers


The trucking industry relies on safe, responsible drivers to complete deliveries.  They’re typically thought of as the foundation of the system, but dispatchers play an essential role in the trucking industry, and they are always in high demand. 

The primary role of dispatchers is to schedule drivers to make deliveries and pick up shipments from customers. Dispatchers communicate with customers to record details about shipments, arrange pick ups, and discuss any necessary special handling issues they may have. They also discuss the best routes for the driver, taking into consideration, tolls, weather, additional loads, etc..

Other dispatcher responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Keeping records, monitoring drivers’ daily logs, and monitoring their working hours, and equipment availability.
  • Keeping tabs on the weather at all drivers’ locations to be able to flag potential issues and deal with them as they arise.
  • Serving as a reliable point of contact between the driver, shipper, receiver, and broker.
  • Coordinating and managing the most efficient loads to remain cost-effective as a company, and combining shipments based on their routes and timeline
  • Determining the best delivery methods, negotiating rates directly with vendors and customers, and getting the necessary documents and permits drivers may need, depending on the freight type.

Qualified dispatcher candidates will be analytical thinkers with great interpersonal skills, and solid basic computer skills.

  • Basic computer skills include (but are not limited to): Proficiency with email, the ability to navigate various websites (load boards, insurance certificates, credit checks, etc), create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PDFs, use a scanner, a fax machine, and a printer.
  • Analytical thinking skills include (but are not limited to): handling unanticipated situations like road closures and determining whether to reschedule or send the driver on an alternate route.
  • Interpersonal skills include (but are not limited to): successful working with drivers, customers, and vendors, not all of whom will necessarily have the same goals in mind.

There is rarely any downtime with this job. Dispatchers are on the phone and managing routes all day long. For this reason,  applicants must be highly organized and able to work well in a stressful environment.  Dispatchers work from their home offices; qualified candidates must be dependable, and able work well unsupervised.

Because drivers aren’t on their routes only during business hours, this job isn’t always Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Dispatchers are often on call 24/7 and can receive calls at any time, day or night. 


Our Mission


At JF Express Fr8, our mission is to provide safe, timely transportation of goods, nationwide.

JF Express Fr8, LLC is a woman-owned, family-run trucking company based in Marysville, OH.  Our core values are to operate with honesty and integrity, and to respect others and the goods they entrust us with transporting.

There are a lot of nationwide hotshot trucking companies and we believe our core values are what sets this successful, woman-owned, family-run hotshot trucking company apart from all the rest.




How to Apply


If you are interested in a HotShot job with the JF Express Fr8 team, download this application packet, complete it online, and email to or print it and fax it to (614) 328-9984.