JF Express Fr8 Dispatch Service


For owner/operators with their own authority, JF Express Fr8 offers a top notch dispatch service. Owner/operators with their own authority spend a lot of time finding and locating their next load which takes a lot of time that could be better spent on other necessary tasks. 

If you find you are spending too much time locating loads or are having difficulty locating loads, JF Express Fr8’s dispatching service can help.  Our skilled and dedicated dispatchers will help find, negotiate, and book loads while submitting invoices to the appropriate parties. 

Additionally, we pride ourselves on finding and scheduling loads both directions so you aren’t wasting time and money deadheading.  The best part is that you are only charged when our services are provided.


Our Dispatchers are the Best in the Industry


Our dispatchers are the best in the industry. And we don’t say that just because they are family.  They work really hard at all hours of the day and night to keep their drivers loaded in the best freight lanes and with the best rates possible.  

Dispatchers with our dispatching service are highly skilled in prioritizing drivers’ schedules and working in high-pressure situations.  They coordinate loads, take calls, and manage routes all day all from their home office.  They have over 25 combined years of experience in both dispatching and driving.  

JF Express Fr8 dispatchers realize they are only able to work from their homes because you are away from yours and understand and appreciate the difficulties that entails.  This is evidenced by our willingness to go the extra mile toward finding and securing the best loads and freight lanes for your situation.

At JF Express Fr8, our mission is to provide safe, timely transportation of goods, nationwide.

Our core values are to operate with honesty and integrity, and to respect others and the goods they entrust us with transporting.  There are a lot of nationwide hotshot trucking companies and we believe our core values are what sets this successful, woman-owned, family-run hotshot trucking company apart from all the rest.

Contact us today if you are an owner/operator and you would like to find out more about what our dispatch service provides.

If you are an owner/operator interested in working with JF Express Fr8, check out our HotShot trucking jobs page to learn more.

If you are interested in becoming a dispatcher with our dispatch service, check out the Career Opportuinies page to learn more.

Meet the JF Express Fr8 Dispatchers

Doug Francis, Dispatcher JFExpress FR8 Dispatch Service
Doug Francis, Dispatcher
JF Express Fr8
Dispatch Service
Janet, Dispatcher JF Express FR8, Dispatch Service
Janet, Dispatcher
JF Express Fr8
Dispatch Service
Sarah, Dispatcher, JFExpress FR8 Dispatch Service
Sarah, Dispatcher
JF Express Fr8
Dispatch Service
Dennise and Scott, Owners and Dispatchers, JFExpress FR8 Dispatch Service
Dennise and Scott,
Owners and Dispatchers
JF Express Fr8