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We offer flatbed trucking as a common carrier, from short-haul to long-haul. Flatbed trailers are the answer if your cargo is larger than standard containers or enclosed-box trucks can carry. They are designed for cargo that needs to be loaded or unloaded from above, from the side or from the rear, using a ramp or crane. Due to the versatility of the platform design, flatbed trailers make it possible to transport almost anything by road. 

Items typically shipped using a flatbed trailer tend to be large or wide, or need to be loaded by crane. As a result, flatbeds are commonly used for moving construction materials, tools, machinery, components and equipment.

Beyond these heavy-duty uses, flatbed trailers are often the most suitable shipping option for moving large quantities of well-wrapped and stackable products.

For general freight, we haul cargo up to 8’6” wide, up to 53’ long and up to 40,000 lbs in weight.  We also haul over-dimensional (over-width or over-height) freight and obtain required permits and escorts.

We transport all types of freight including, but not limited to, heavy equipment, military equipment, shipping containers, lumber, steel coils/plates, or just about anything else you can think of.  We do NOT transport household goods or hazardous materials.

Our experienced drivers have tarps, straps, chains, dunnage, coil racks, and ramps to help in loading and securing freight.  The safety of your freight, our drivers, and all others on the road is our number one priority. 

Our dispatchers will update the point of contact with the driver’s location and estimated time of arrival both at the origin and the destination. 

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Our Mission at JF Express Fr8 Shipping Services


At JF Express Fr8, our mission is to provide safe, timely transportation of goods, nationwide.


JF Express Fr8, LLC is a woman-owned, family-run trucking company based in Marysville, OH. Our core values revolve around family and safety. We operate with honesty and integrity, and respect others and the goods they entrust our shipping services with transporting.

There are a lot of nationwide hotshot trucking companies and we believe our core values are what sets this successful, woman-owned, family-run hotshot trucking company apart from all the rest.


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HotShot Trucking Jobs with JF Express Fr8


If you are an owner/operator looking for a career opportunity with JF Express Fr8, check out our HotShot trucking jobs page to learn more. We believe in fighting for our drivers.  When loading or unloading is delayed, it’s the driver who loses, so we never hesitate to ask for detention or layover compensation.