What are Freight Boards or Load Boards?A load board, also known as a “freight board” is an online system where shippers, freight brokers, and HotShot and Semi owner/operators post and search for loads. Through these load boards, shippers and carriers find each other and enter into agreements to deliver freight.

There are hundreds of freight boards to choose from; some are free while others charge a monthly subscription.The freight board market is quite competitive and, ass with most things, the free load boards tend to be limited in both information and features while paid boards contain more detailed information and more features.

Load boards are fairly easy to use and allow easy access through any internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone, whether you’re home or on the road. Additionally, most load boards offer a variety of services including load matching, credit information/days to pay, FMCSA verification, and financing of pre-approved loads.

If you are going to use load boards as the primary source to find loads, it’s a good idea to use several different boards to maximize opportunities and help eliminate unnecessary deadheading.


Pros and Cons of Using Load Boards


Load Board ProsOne of the pros of using load boards is that they are updated with the latest loads and information, some even update real time. Load boards are helpful to new owner/operators or freight brokers who are just getting started in the business and don’t yet have a lot  of direct shipper contacts.

Another pro of using load boards is that they are available online 24/7 and can even be accessed from the road via a tablet or cell phone.  They can also help reduce deadheading if you are diligent and work to coordinate loads both directions, though owner/operators at JF Express FR8 don’t have to worry about that because our experienced dispatchers work hard to secure loads both directions- mostly from our direct shipper contacts.Load Board Cons

While load boards can be good for new owner/operators and freight brokers just getting started, in the long term, they aren’t very profitable because they get a portion of your profits.  The best strategy is to work with direct shippers and cut out the middleman, allowing you more of a profit.

Other disadvantages of load boards are that you don’t necessarily know the people you are trying to work with which could lead to problems, they have a low pay rate, and they are very competitive which can drive down the price for owner/operators.


Why Using JF Express Fr8 Dispatch Services is Better than Using Load Boards


What is a Load Board or Freight Board?JF Express Fr8 has been in business for 10+ years and has a large direct shipper contact base, making it easier for us to find and secure the best loads using the best freight lanes.  Our dispatchers work directly with shippers to find loads for owner/operators to carry both directions, reducing or eliminating the amount of time owner/operators have to spend finding and locating loads. 

Our skilled and dedicated dispatchers will help find, negotiate, and book loads while submitting invoices to the appropriate parties, allowing owner/operators to spend more time on the road hauling loads, making money.

At JF Express Fr8, we believe in fighting for our drivers. When loading or unloading is delayed, it’s the driver who loses, so we never hesitate to ask for detention or layover compensation.

After seeing that drivers were often getting the short end of the stick where rates were concerned, we applied for, and now operate, a freight brokerage which allows us to cut out the middle man to give our drivers the best possible rates.

Contact us today if you are an owner/operator and you would like to find out more about what our dispatch service provides.

If you are a HotShot owner/operator with a CDL, looking for career opportunities with JF Express FR8, check out our HotShot trucking jobs page for more information.


Our Mission


At JF Express Fr8, our mission is to provide safe, timely transportation of goods, nationwide.

JF Express Fr8, LLC is a woman-owned, family-run trucking company based in Marysville, OH.  Our core values are to operate with honesty and integrity, and to respect others and the goods they entrust us with transporting.

There are a lot of nationwide hotshot trucking companies and we believe our core values are what sets this successful, woman-owned, family-run hotshot trucking company apart from all the rest.